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A single individual does not always have sufficient resources to meet the demands of his professional positioning. We therefore endeavor to make the meeting of the Coach and the Manager an act concentrated in time.

The added value must be visible in the short term for lasting results.

Faced with the effects of a new reality, this meeting is also done remotely using current videoconferencing tools. The methodological work and the progression exercises remain identical to those of Face-to-Face Coaching. Distance Coaching adapts very well to the obligations of the Coachee. And with an approach identical to face-to-face Coaching, the pace of the support is more directly linked to the agenda offered by the Coached.

The goals we help you achieve:

Delegation and Communication

  • We will validate your ambition to get out of your areas of influence and power, that is to say outside your sphere of technical comfort, in order to allow you to develop attitudes of team delegation and collaborative progression (delegation and motivation of employees).


  • Our work sessions will allow you to acquire the behavioral codes and automatisms necessary and essential for your new professional positioning, and allow you to improve your managerial and collaborative communication.


  • By teaching you the reflexes (cognitive, behavioral) allowing your choices and ideas to resonate with your professional environment, you will be able to have the objective of developing yourself personally and professionally in your role as Manager.

Managerial positioning

  • Following our situation interviews, you will perceive the resonance of your decisions and your choices in relation to your professional environment (direct and indirect hierarchy, colleagues, partners, etc.).

Confidence and Self-Confidence

  • We support you in understanding your strengths and weaknesses, in a process of personal progress and well-being, while maintaining your ability to assert your management style through your personal prism (your self-esteem).

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