Combine Coaching and videoconferencing tools for you offer flexible support and immediate support

The advantages and practices of our Distance Coaching

Remote coaching allows you to experience a new approach to personal support by freeing up your communication on subjects that are often private or buried.

From a practical aspect, our remote coaching allows a geographically distant person to benefit from personalized support without having to physically move. Our sessions take place by phone or through video conferencing tools (Teams, Zoom, Meet, Skype, etc.) with follow-up by email.

And you have many advantages:

  • Flexibility and time saving (you control your travel time, you control your uptime).
  • An affordable investment (no travel costs).
  • Easy planning (you manage your availability).
  • Greater availability of your Coach (the time slots are extended).


Our Coaching tools

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How our Distance Coaching works

Following the first interview (preliminary interview), you will have defined an objective supported by sub-objectives. Your preliminary interview lasting one hour (1 hour) allows you:

    • Express your motivations for change from your current situation.
    • To project the benefits of the changes you are aiming for.
    • Specify the results you expect from your coaching.

At the end of this first interview, depending on the results acquired or perceived by you, you make a point to start your coaching according to a weekly schedule. This weekly calendar depends on your availability, and your personal and professional constraints.

    • The weekly sessions are organized according to your own schedule.

During the first few weeks, you and your Coach refine your goal taking into account your sub-goals in order to build the Progress Plan necessary to achieve the results you envision and expect.

It is interesting to schedule your Coaching interview following a meeting or an important interview, thus allowing you to take the necessary perspective for a better understanding of the actions that you have just carried out or the putting into perspective of the decisions. that you would have to take.

The importance of the objective remains paramount

    • The goal of coaching is to awaken your capacity for self-analysis and improve your capacity to take charge of change. You will have a new way of translating facts and events.
    • The Coach supports and advises the Coachee in mastering the changes that are sometimes imposed on him. It is therefore essential to define a personal objective, possibly supported by concrete sub-objectives.
    • Although you are fully responsible for your actions, some results remain directly linked and will depend on those around you, thus bringing additional parameters in the decision-making or the implementation of your projects.

Some technological aspects

    • Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers allow us to communicate by phone and videoconference regardless of our place of business or our geographic location. Besides the obvious ecological argument, these systems using the principles of videoconferencing bring a reduction in travel costs, and allow to act in confidence between two meetings.
    • Faced with the frequency of your business trips or the complexity of coordinating your agenda, technological solutions such as Skype or WhatsApp allow your Coach to communicate with you in a fluid manner, and provide you with the methodological support essential to your progress.

Even from a distance, support your success in your role
remains our role!

Specificities and Practices of our Distance Coaching

A more intimate approach

  • Our distance Coaching program (telephone or videoconference) is provided according to the methodology of face-to-face Coaching (face-to-face interview), and the objectives and modalities of these two types of coaching remain identical.
  • Coaching by telephone will bring a different dimension because listening, the tone of voice and the use of silences will create an intimacy conducive to an interview of exchanges and sharing.
  • As a Coach, we have a particular sensitivity to vocal and para-verbal signals (silences, different modulations of the voice) in addition to non-verbal signals (facial expressions, postures, movements, etc.…).

Real simplicity of implementation

    • The telephone provides psychological and material comfort that avoids the tensions associated with travel. The possibility of adapting your session schedules according to your own personal or professional obligations is a definite added value. In addition, behavioral attitudes freed from direct observation will have repercussions on the intonations and the axes of force put in the speech and the exchange with the Coach. All these elements generally ignored by the Coachee will be perceived and analyzed by the Coach.
    • Our experience in the art of listening to silences becomes major during remote coaching.
    • The choice of location being chosen and decided by the beneficiary (the Coached) himself, the conditions under which the coaching session will take place can easily be controlled by the Coached. The methodological tools and progression exercises are identical to those of face-to-face coaching. What you need comes down to a reliable computer connection and a telephone (mobile or landline).

Distance coaching allows you to appreciate a new approach in the development of your skills

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