Accept, manage, and overcome the conflict.

Preserve your employees and your reputation

Your employees, at all levels, are confronted with problematic situations on a daily basis.

Some of these situations resolve quickly, while others, as they escalate, bring about declared crises that have the potential to weaken, internally, the effectiveness of employees and to permanently damage, externally, the reputation and the credibility of the company.

To deal with and prevent such situations, we support you in the management of crisis situations, by helping you to:

            • Acknowledge and assume the existence of the crisis.
            • Reduce traumatic impact, cascading psychological and operational dysfunctions.
            • Resume activities, rebuild and learn from the crisis.
            • Control the event internally (support for employees and their families) and externally (keep customers, “contain” the media, maintain contacts with public authorities), help employees cope with a destabilizing context.
            • Via the coordination of the trusted person, the realization of mediation, and the coaching.

Can conflict, a source of inconvenience and loss of efficiency for an organization, be a source of innovation and shared imagination?

Yes, and that is the way of our intervention!

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