The essential lever of business productivity

A fundamental necessity

The contribution of the men and women who make up the company is essential to its effectiveness. The search for productivity gains in the organization is therefore based on a dynamic, integrated HR policy that meets the aspirations of employees.

Support of business objectives, the HR strategy must however be translated into concrete actions, in order to enable organizations to successfully face the new and numerous challenges that arise.

In many companies, budget constraints can lead to the choice of not having all the HR skills in-house.

And new challenges, such as the digitization of the HR function or the retention of Talents from a generation accustomed to “zapping”, appear at an increasingly sustained rate, making it impossible to bring together all HR expertise within the organization.

In SMEs or VSEs that have no HRD, managers are increasingly called upon by new products, financial issues, external partners, unforeseen events, the development of technology or competition. They have little time to devote to human and social issues, even though they are fully aware that “people and the organization make the difference”.


This is how our offer of HR services dedicated to the organization is made up.

We wanted to support our service offering with a specific tool for Human Resources, developed and tested, using the Know-How of which we have control. SCORE RH offers you an HR organization solution adapted to your organizational changes.

HR and Organization

Your HR organization is the main lever for the development of your business and understanding the management of change has become a structural necessity.

Discover SCORE RH

Designed and dedicated to improving your HR projects and developing your know-how.

Our expert proposal

We have therefore put together and made available to you a team of HR professionals and HR experts in order to be able to support you in the following areas of HR expertise:

  • design and deployment of your HR strategy
  • determination of the organization suited to achieving your business objectives
  • establishment of an individual performance evaluation system and the associated remuneration system management of the payroll
  • analysis and optimization of your HR tools and processes HR function audit
  • creation of HR dashboards and key HR indicators, in order to steer your HR strategy
  • management of social relations and optimization of social dialogue
  • support for your HR managers in order to develop their capacity for influence and leadership
  • digitization and optimization of the efficiency of the HR function

HR and Change

We help you adapt the development of your teams to your change project.

Our added value

  • our team knows how to translate your challenges and ambitions into tailor-made solutions
  • our systemic approach takes into account all the parameters related to your HR issues (financial parameters, socio-cultural developments, technological developments, etc.) and makes it possible to establish the effectiveness of your HR policies and your organization over time
  • our field experience and our operational approach translate your HR strategy into concrete and pragmatic solutions

The progress of our missions

Our mode of intervention

We support you in:

  • The design of their skills development process (anticipating business and skill developments, identifying needs, analyzing training needs, etc.)
  • The establishment of a career management policy (assess potential, establish a solid and lasting succession plan, develop a qualifying organization, etc.)
  • Their recruitments of your high potentials and Manager

Our added value is operational

  • An approach that sticks to realities and allows operational and rapid efficiency of the policies developed
  • A mid-term integration support for executives and managers that we recruit for you

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