We support you in a progressive, pragmatic way, by involving all of your teams

Our practical observation

Technological changes, structural growth, changes in modes of internal collaboration, are all factors that lead to a reconfiguration of the company’s strategy.

And the establishment or overhaul of a new organization must be gradual, pragmatic and involve employees

Our action

  • After having formalized the strategy thought out by our client, our objective is to support him in the implementation of the governance of his company while enhancing his strategic decisions.
  • Our action will focus on defining the axes of economic and organizational transformation in order to move quickly towards a renewal of its strategy.
  • Tactical and pragmatic at the same time, our support leads to a clear interpretation of the roles of collaborators (the Who-Done-What) vis-à-vis the strategy to be deployed.

We help you increase the value of your business through the quality of our execution process

Missions and Procedure

Some examples of missions

  • Internal organization audit (human, technological and strategic organization)
  • Implementation of new operational modes with a search to improve productivity and inter-team communication
  • Reorganization of operational and functional departments around new objectives
  • Diagnosis, reliability assessment, and validation of strategic choices
  • Development and planning of an organizational and financial development strategy

The different steps

  • Analysis of company objectives
  • Analysis of the business environment, its position in its market, investigation of its direct and indirect competitors
  • Search for solutions, and evaluation of proposed solutions (participation / involvement of employees)
  • Diagnosis of specifications, validation of internal / external processes, development of final strategy
  • Communication and information to employees (adherence to the company’s project)

Organization and Strategy form the value of effective governance and participate in the growth of the company

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