Succeed in your professional outplacement with efficiency and balance

You want or plan a professional and high-standard outplacement.

A successful outplacement goes through the acceptance of its personal adaptation levers and thus your project fits into several frameworks:

  • A support project in the context of a termination of an employment contract
  • Professional and personal repositioning carried out with a positive mindset
  • Your personal plan for a change of direction and business


Discover our individual outplacement program consisting of:

      • Individual assessment of skills, motivation and potential.
        Project clarification and professional repositioning.
        Possibility of operational Coaching.
        Implementation of operational action plans with a timeline.
        Optimization of job search techniques.
        Preparation and debriefing of interviews.
        Coaching for successful integration into a new job.

As well as its main advantages …

      •  Notre appartenance à la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Genève nous permet une visibilité accrue des besoins en ressources humaines des entreprises locales et nationales.
      • Nous sommes en constante relation avec les entreprises, employeurs potentiels, proposant des places de travail.
      • Une équipe de consultants seniors formés aux méthodes de coaching, de bilans de compétences, formateurs dans les domaines du développement personnel.
      • Notre prestation d’outplacement peut être réalisée dans nos locaux, et, également, à distance avec l’ensemble de nos outils de visioconférence (Zoom, Teams, Skype, …).
Our educational tools
    • Balance sheet and personality tests.
    • Managerial assessment.
    • Templates for letters, CVs.
    • Activation of professional networks.
    • Interview simulation, professional meetings.
    • Database and documentary resources.
    • Prospecting for job offers.

Franchise and shared trust are the keys to success

    • The frankness of the Consultant-Coach and your confidence, as Beneficiary, are the keys to the success of your outplacement.
    • Your individual success requires a clear definition of your objectives and proper monitoring of your practical achievements (level of weekly prospecting, control of the success rate, follow-up of reminders, etc.).
    • We necessarily take into account personal difficulties, additional training to be provided and possibly reinforced psychological support.

The assurance of a quality approach

We assist you throughout the outplacement process and we, OREX Blue Consultants-Coaches, remain aware of the responsibility to support you in a practical way in terms of:

  • Additional training needs
  • Personalized advice (interview, methodology, etc.)
  • Improvement of communication tools
  • Use of IT / Internet support

    Our goal is to facilitate professional repositioning and accelerate the return to employment through individualized support and a personalized approach.

    Phase 1: Construction of the professional project

    • Completion of an in-depth personal and professional assessment combining reflection, self-assessment and use of self-knowledge tools
    • Definition of a professional project built from achievements, aspirations and conditions of achievement

    Phase 2: Establishment of the professional project

    • Creation of job marketing tools
    • Development of the action plan
    • Appropriation of adapted prospecting techniques
    • Recruitment interview training

    Phase 3: Activation and monitoring of the professional project

    • Coaching in the research process
    • Preparation for recruitment interviews
    • Assistance in negotiating the employment contract
    • Support for the integration period

    A successful outplacement requires the acceptance of your personal adaptation levers

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