Recruiting: both a human and a strategic investment.

Your Business Challenge !

The essential is played well before the choice of the candidate

          • The better your preparation will be

          • The better your chances of finding the right candidate.

In collaboration with the operational, we support you in:

  • Analysis of your needs:
        • Should we bring in new blood?
        • Revitalize a team?
        • Complement skills?
  • Process planning.
  • Choice of recruitment: (Internal, External, Career management, Skills development,…)
  • Formalization of the position and production of the portrait of the potential candidate, with realism.
  • Sourcing strategy.
  • The creation of attractive advertisements.
  • Sorting of applications
  • Conducting recruitment interviews in partnership with the line.
  • The integration of the new employee

Your recruitment project?

You need to acquire a high-level skill (complex position or strategic position) and you want to secure your approach by relying on specialists.


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