A balance of seniority and dynamism

Governance and Management to match our vision

OREX Blue team has in common a solid experience of more than twenty years, as Directors, Managers, Consultants, Coaches, within major transformation and organizational projects with companies in Industry, Banking, Finance sectors.


Christian FERRY

President, Member of the Board of Directors

  • Benefiting from extensive international experience as Managing Director in the areas of investment banking and financial markets, Christian supports and coordinates the management team in strategic choices for growth and organization. His long and comprehensive experience in corporate governance improves OREX Blue’s development prospects. Her working languages are English, Italian, German, and French. This history buff also dedicates his time to hiking and traveling around historical themes.


Vice-President, Member of the Board of Directors

  • After having held various positions of responsibility in German-speaking Switzerland, Germany and France, this economics graduate has been working as a consultant in strategy and organization for several years. With his expertise in the field of Swiss companies both at German and French-speaking Swiss level, Vincent brings to OREX Blue his pragmatic knowledge of cutting-edge industries and the Swiss national market. Her working languages are German, English and French. Epicurean at heart, oenology is his main passion, along with Flemish painting.

Harry Jean ABISUR

Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors

  • With more than 20 years of experience in management and organisational consulting, information systems and skills development, mainly in the banking / finance and industry sectors, his expertise in understanding organisations allows him to act as a Business Consultant-Coach around reorganisation or transformation missions. His working languages are English and French. His free time allows him to enjoy golf and is also an avid rugby fan.



Director of Organization & Technology Consulting Department

  • High-level speaker, driven by his 25 years of experience in organizational consulting and operational management mainly in the industrial sector, Ashok contributes to the success of transformation strategy projects, implementation of business solutions. technological and industrial development, and change management with international companies. Particularly attentive to changes within organizations, he coordinates technological transformation and change management projects by bringing his technical and functional vision to them. He is the prime contractor for the development strategy of the Consulting business for OREX Blue. Anglophone, he practices French with confidence.


Legal and Administrative Manager

  • A privileged and essential interlocutor, Silvy is in charge of the administrative and legal aspects of OREX Blue, and is the legal support for our commercial, administrative and financial activities. Its decisive role in supporting and advising on administrative and legal aspects enables it to participate in all of our activities and development projects. Silvy is also in charge of recruitment as well as Partner relations. With a higher education specializing in accounting, and thanks to his legal experience acquired in a major company in the Film Production sector, Silvy contributes to the achievement of our development, both structural and operational.

Christian MEYER

Business Development Manager

  • Focused on the overall development of the firm’s commercial activities, Christian’s mission is to implement and animate the sales and marketing strategy of OREX Blue in order to extend our reputation while ensuring the management and implementation of policies. marketing, business development and, in relation with Marie de Rosselet, customer relations. Its mission is to make the company’s solutions more widely known, and also to strengthen the links between OREX Blue and its customers. Christian started his career as a multi-channel marketing project manager in the banking environment in Paris, and moved to Switzerland 6 years ago for family reasons.
    He also has extensive experience in the business development of IT solutions.


Research and Communication Officer

  • In charge of the firm’s communications and marketing strategy, Marie works to develop the identity of OREX Blue and implement innovative solutions to develop client relationships. Marie is also in charge of the operational implementation of the commercial research policy according to our strategic orientations and according to our ambitious development objectives. Holder of a Masters in Marketing & Communication, Marie graduated from ESCP Business School in Paris and did part of her studies in Germany.

Experts and Specialists

Consultants, Coachs, Experts

Consultants, Coachs, Seniors and Experts in your fields and functions that they have sometimes held before. They all share the same values, thus creating a formidable pool of skills, expertise, and inter-professional relationships. Contact manager and assistants also participate actively and with pleasure in the development of OREX Blue.

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