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The importance of a communication adapted to your internal customers

IT experts, technical experts, sometimes find it difficult to promote their approach and operational goals to their internal customer, the end user.

And in a technological or industrial project, it is sometimes complicated for all the participants to have an identical and clear vision of the expected results and the methods to be used to achieve them.

We know that the success of a project is linked to the communication of the actors of the project as a whole.

We can teach you how to communicate
your technological vision and your technical ideas.

Master the understanding of expectations

    • The understanding of these expectations related to use (users) and expertise (Technical managers, Engineers, Technicians) is based on individual capacities of communication, empathy and active listening, and will progress through notions collective intelligence.
    • Set up from our experience in IT and technical projects, our Team-Building program is made up of working groups allowing each employee to focus on their individual added value, while benefiting from the effects of a collective synergy. .
    • From the idea of use to the technical obviousness, we create the communication balance between the needs of the users and the prerequisites necessary for the experts.
    • The result is the sharing and mutual understanding of the work topics. Each recognizing the value of the skills of the group and its elements.

Our Team-Building program aims for your group to become a real learning and efficient team

Objectives of the Working Group

  • Generate buy-in among participants.
  • Show creativity in the modes of inter-service communication.
  • Lead to the appropriation of new know-how combining technical aspects and mutual understanding.
  • Improve the way the department, service, and business operate.

Our method

  • Invent (through exercises of personal creativity).
  • Express (their choices to the whole group).
  • Exhibit (make the group aware of the relevance of their choices).
  • Set up role plays and collective progress workshops.
  • Conclude (seek membership and the creation of a group dynamic).

Purpose and Usefulness

  • Manage interpersonal relationships and conflicts.
  • Solve problems and make decisions.
  • Develop your creativity collectively.
  • Work in situational intelligence during projects.
  • Transform individual and parallel performances into collective performance.

We assist you in creating a communication balance between user needs and expert prerequisites

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