We combine skills, know-how, and know-how

Attached to the values essential to the development of our company


A human-sized company, the quality of our results and our interventions ensure our sustainability and our growth. Regularly co-opted by our clients, we are committed to enhancing our work through recognized professional standards.


We bring confidence in our expertise both to our customers and to our experience sharing with our partners. In addition to our years of specialization, we ensure permanent monitoring of our skills and knowledge.

Mutual respect

Being pragmatic, sincere, and sometimes impertinent, we highlight this respect which is essential to bring you real, relevant and lasting solutions.


This purely human meaning is a powerful lever for accepting change. Indispensable and mastered, adaptable, we share it with our customers while voluntarily cultivating it among ourselves, and in each of our actions.

And the hobbies and passions that we share

A certain musical eclecticism

Passionate, Passionate about modern, contemporary, classical music, lyrical art, Latin and Germanic operas, a great passion for music, music, bring us together and sometimes share our working days at the office or at home, although ‘it can be difficult to concentrate with Rammstein in the background. And to give rhythm to the writing of an organization note or to the behavioral study of a manager, we appreciate to develop our space towards the most diverse sounds and of which we let you appreciate the eclecticism and the diversity: BB King, John Lee Hooker, Puccini, JSBach, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Avishai Cohen, Mel Torme, Jean Ferrat, Georges Brassens, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, The Doors, Bob Marley, Cesaria Evora, Massive Attack, Pink Martini, Calogero, Brigitte Fontaine, and more …

Pictorial art from all angles

Actors for some, spectators for others, with varying levels of sensibilities, we are all keen on the art of painting, whether they are great French, Italian, Dutch masters, or young and old. Portrait, genre, abstract, watercolor, gouache, figurative or non-figurative, each in our own way we appreciate the expression, the colors, the textures which bring us the visual and physical distance which we sometimes use in the pragmatism of our professions and of our interventions. And that is why you will randomly find, throughout the presentation of our site, some photos of the works to which we are sensitive …

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